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Edwin L Simon is a highly respected Colorado Registered Professional Land Surveyor with a diverse and extensive background in the field. Holding a degree in Geology from Northern Arizona University, Edwin has successfully combined his passion for earth sciences and computer programming with his expertise in land surveying to provide exceptional services to his clients.


As a forward-thinking individual, Edwin constantly embraces disruptive technologies and has cultivated a pioneering spirit that distinguishes him in the industry. He is inspired by continual improvement and innovation in response to evolving technology to bring his clients the most accurate and detailed maps possible.  As a registered FAA Part 107 Pilot, he is well-versed in using unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for aerial mapping and surveying, enhancing the quality and efficiency of his work.

Edwin's love for the outdoors extends far beyond his professional life. In his free time, he can often be found exploring the breathtaking San Juan Mountains and surrounding areas, immersing himself in the natural beauty that the Four Corners Region and Western Slope have to offer. This passion for the outdoors drives his commitment to protecting and preserving the environment through his work and personal pursuits.


With a unique blend of technical expertise, innovative thinking, and dedication to environmental stewardship, Edwin L. Simon is a distinguished professional whose passion for both the outdoors and his craft has positioned him as a leader in the land surveying industry.

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